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In a time when natural resources are growing scarce, it is crucial to find more renewable options. This is definitely one of the biggest gains of turning to solar power, a truly eco-friendly option. Here at Paff Electric & Solar, we are so committed to helping clients find more sustainable options that we even offer special incentives. For example, we provide 0% financing for solar installations through ezSolarLoan to help residents and business owners get started. Additionally, all our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty. 

For excellent solar and energy storage services in Cincinnati, speak to us online or call (513) 986-1361.

What Is Energy Storage?

Also known as a solar battery system, the innovation of energy storage allows people to take in electricity at little to no cost and then save it up until energy is required. This is most efficiently accomplished through solar panels, which generate electricity by capturing the sun’s rays. The energy that is saved up in this battery or “bank” can be used in the evening, but also during expensive peak hours. 

We Offer 0% Financing For Solar Installations Ask About Financing Through ezSolarLoan

The Benefits of Using Solar Energy Storage

A wonderful aspect of solar energy is that it does not expend fossil fuels. Homeowners can maximize the amount of sustainable energy they use, which is much better for the environment. However, there are a lot of other advantages as well, which have made solar batteries some of our most popular products.

A few of the other pros that come from switching to solar storage include:

  • The ability to decrease the amount of electricity from the main grid, greatly diminishing utility bills
  • Cut expensive tariffs that are enforced for using electricity during peak hours
  • Reduce the reliance on backup generators that require costly, non-sustainable fossil fuels
  • Have a greater assurance of having reliable power even during inclement weather
  • The possibility of gaining incentives and rebates from the government for using a renewable source

Top-Notch Customer Reviews

  • “They were quick and fixed everything in a short time frame.” - Kevin M.
  • “Found the problem quickly and worked towards the best solution.” - Nathan S.
  • “Scheduling was easy, the cost was very reasonable, and the technicians were friendly and professional.” - Tracy T.
  • “They have been doing business with our church and school for years.” - Bill F.
  • “It was a pleasure working with them.” - Rick S.
  • “They arrived right on time and identified the problem within minutes.” - Derek J.

Choosing the Right Size of Battery Storage

Once residents have made the excellent decision of opting for solar energy, the next step is determining what size of storage is required. Typically, a normal house needs about 8kWh of electricity to perform daily functions. However, this scope can increase or decrease depending on how many large appliances need power to operate. 

If you are selecting a solar battery, there is a wide range of sizes on the market, with some as low as 1kWh or as high as 15kWh. Since it can be challenging to determine which size is right, speak to our techs at Paff Electric & Solar. In addition to helping residents determine which battery is best, we can also advise if there are enough panels to get the necessary levels of energy. We can also explain what installation would be most financially affordable for your individual budget.

Looking for reliable solar and energy storage services in Cincinnati? Get in touch at (513) 986-1361, and our licensed techs can start the process right away.

Solar & Electrical Installations

  • Branstrator Residence 8KW Solar Array Photo
  • Howard Residence 6.4KW Solar Array Photo
  • Koepke Residence 7.2KW Solar Array Photo
  • Smith Residence 7.2KW Solar Array Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Rack & Ballauer 72.52KW Ground Mount Solar Array Photo
  • Rack & Ballauer Ground Mount Panel Mounting Photo
  • Rack & Ballauer Completed Installation Photo

Our Valued Affiliations

  • City of Cincinnati Economic Inclusion
  • IBEW Local 212
  • National Electrical Contractors Association
  • Green Umbrella Regional Sustainability Alliance
  • 2030 District Professional Partner
  • Pro Lighting & Solar, LLC

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