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Cincinnati Electrical Panel Repair

Expert Electrical Panel Replacements in Greater Cincinnati

It is simply impossible to work with a malfunctional electrical system. Let our team at Paff Electric & Solar know whenever electrical issues are troubling your property. Our comprehensive services for electrical panels, repairs, and troubleshooting in Cincinnati are available for any home or business

Reach out to our experienced Cincinnati technicians at (513) 986-1361 or speak to us online to learn more about our electrical panel repairs & replacements.

What Is Causing Trouble in Your Electrical System? 

Is the electrical system acting up? Considering the amount of work the network has to accomplish, it is no wonder that it may experience issues from time to time. One thing to check before calling an electrician is that all the appliances are fully plugged in. A loose connection can cause all sorts of havoc, from flickering lamps to vacuums that pause mid-cleaning. 

Alternatively, too many extension cords might be used. When these power strips are all plugged into a single socket, it can become overloaded, leading to a tripped breaker. There may even be a cord that has been chewed by a wayward rodent. Since there are several issues that could create a malfunctional electrical system, get in touch with an expert. We can offer a full inspection to see whether one or multiple issues are at fault.

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Signs that an Electrical System Requires Repairs

Electrical components are eventually going to wear out. To prevent this from happening, it is important to call a knowledgeable electrician right away. The question is, how can someone determine that they need repairs in the first place? Recognizing the warning signs of electrical failure is the best way to avoid accidental shocks and fires.

Seek rapid repairs from our experts when observing:

  • The lights will suddenly become dim before growing bright again
  • There are scorch marks on the panel or the wiring
  • Some of the wires have been frayed, cut, or even chewed through by rodents
  • Turning on electrical devices and appliances emits a burning smell
  • Only one appliance can be used at once without tripping the circuit breaker
  • Sockets and switches feel warm to the touch even when they aren’t being used

Top-Notch Customer Reviews

  • “They were quick and fixed everything in a short time frame.” - Kevin M.
  • “Found the problem quickly and worked towards the best solution.” - Nathan S.
  • “Scheduling was easy, the cost was very reasonable, and the technicians were friendly and professional.” - Tracy T.
  • “They have been doing business with our church and school for years.” - Bill F.
  • “It was a pleasure working with them.” - Rick S.
  • “They arrived right on time and identified the problem within minutes.” - Derek J.

Is My Electric Panel in Need of Replacement?

Electrical panels are essential for distributing power throughout the house. If one is malfunctional, it could create a hazardous situation. Usually, panels have a lifespan of between 25 to 40 years. This is already a wide range, and the amount of maintenance a panel receives can affect it even more. It is best to speak to the team at Paff Electric & Solar to schedule an inspection of the panel and see if it still has life left. Sometimes, a panel may be relatively new but is just incapable of handling the extensive power required by more high-tech devices.

Give our locally operated specialists a call at (513) 986-1361 or contact us online for more info regarding electrical panel repairs, replacements, and troubleshooting in Cincinnati.

Solar & Electrical Installations

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  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Ivory House Photo
  • Rack & Ballauer 72.52KW Ground Mount Solar Array Photo
  • Rack & Ballauer Ground Mount Panel Mounting Photo
  • Rack & Ballauer Completed Installation Photo

Our Valued Affiliations

  • City of Cincinnati Economic Inclusion
  • IBEW Local 212
  • National Electrical Contractors Association
  • Green Umbrella Regional Sustainability Alliance
  • 2030 District Professional Partner
  • Pro Lighting & Solar, LLC

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